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Cayman Islands

 Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac) at about 196km2 and contains George Town, the capital. The towns on the island are referred to as "districts". Island is located at 19°20'N 81°13'W.

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The eastern side of the island is somewhat undeveloped, while the western side of the island, which holds George Town and the airport, Owen Roberts International Airport, is more developed. Fast food restaurants, night clubs and resorts can be found on the western side of the island. The eastern districts offer more restaurants specializing in native Caymanian cuisine.In early September of 2004, a new storm began to form. By September 5, Hurricane Ivan had grown to Category 3 hurricane status. By September 7, Ivan had weakened to a category 2. Heading toward the Caribbean Sea, Ivan attained Category 4 status and for the next few days fluctuated between Categories 4 and 5. From September 11-12, Ivan, with Category 5 strength, passed within 30 miles of Grand Cayman, hitting it with 180mph winds. The island reported no more than a few deaths, but over 80% of the buildings were either damaged or completely destroyed. Ivan was the worst hurricane to hit the island in 86 years.

The district of West Bay features a turtle farm. Currently the farm is under construction, soon to be re-opened as a larger attraction after being damaged from Hurricane Ivan. This district is also home to a formation of limestone affectionately known to islanders as Hell. Merchandise "from Hell" can be purchased nearby. Finally, located in West Bay is the most well known beach on the island, Seven Mile Beach. It is in fact known worldwide for its beauty.



Alternately, many tourists visit Stingray City, located a short boat ride from the northern end of Grand Cayman. In this location are a series of shallow sand bars where sting rays are found in abundance and visitors can feed, pet, and interact with the animals.In the southern district of Bodden Town is the historic house of Pedro St. James. It is considered the birth place of democracy in the Cayman Islands. It is also the oldest known existing stone structure on Grand Cayman.


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